Guide to the Most Common Perfume Application Mistakes

While the staying power of a perfume is largely dependent on the concentration of essential oils it possesses, there are a number of application mistakes that cause a fragrance to wear off too quickly.


Fragrances by Jo Malone have gained a leading reputation for their originality and the quality of their essential oils. There is an art however to applying perfume – the following guide on behalf of the Jo Loves brand will offer some professional top tips to ensure that every scent retains its allure in the best possible light.

Overdoing It

As the wise saying goes – less is always more. Bear in mind that if you’re attending a party or other event with a fairly large crowd of people, your scent will be competing with several other perfumes, all mixing together in the same room. The result is an overpowering melee of scents rather than your individual perfume making its self subtly known. It’s best to opt for a light spray of scent on a cotton ball that is applied to one of your pulse points – that way people will smell it when they are close, rather than being overwhelmed by an onslaught of undefined fragrances. The same goes for cologne – men should always go easy when spritzing it on as the scent should never make itself loudly known even from a distance.

A further factor to mention is that as you age, your sense of smell slowly begins to dwindle, so don’t make the mistake of overdoing the application of your scent until you can smell it strongly – the ‘less is more’ adage is particularly important for older people.

Fallacy of Wrist Rubbing

Contrary to the traditional belief of applying perfume to the inner wrists and rubbing them together, professionals warn that this action can not only degrade the scent, rubbing your wrists can change the scent noticeably so this is to be avoided.

Problem with Hair Spritzing

While some information resources advise ladies to spray their hair with perfume to ensure it lasts longer and releases its properties with movement, it’s not a good idea since the fragrance will tend to mix with your  hair products , resulting in a cloying, overpowering mixture of scents that too strong or unappealing.

Understanding the Weather Effect

The temperature plays a significant role in how long a scent lasts – it will need to be reapplied every three hours in cold weather, while in warmer climates it will last longer. This knowledge is key when traveling – do not apply too frequently in hot temperatures, whereas if it’s chilly don’t forget to have your fragrance to hand.

Scented Body Cream

While body cream can trap the essential elements of a perfume and make it last longer, never make the mistake of using a scented body cream after a shower before applying your perfume. This will effectively result in two scents clashing, while the oil in the cream will prolong the combined fragrances instead of them fading away. Always use an unscented cream before applying your favourite scent, or alternatively and for added staying power, buy a body cream with the same fragrance as your perfume.

Watch Strap Issue

Be aware that perfumes can react to plastic or leather watch straps, causing their scent to change. If you wear a timepiece, it’s better to spritz your perfume on other pulse points such as behind your ears and knees. Another tip is to spray the scent on the outside of your hand – this will keep the fragrance light and airy because the scent will be diffused outwardly.

Hormonal Changes

Some people complain that their favorite perfume no longer smells the same – this is often the result of hormonal fluctuations which affect the chemistry of fragrances. Interestingly, research has shown that women who have moved past the menopause no longer have this issue. In other words, don’t throw your favorite perfume away if it no longer appeals to you – keep it stored in a cool dark place as chances are you will smell it at another point and find it’s just as lovely as you once thought.

Incorrect Storage

Many people complain that their favorite perfume no longer smells the same or has grown weaker over time. This is often due to the fact that perfumes undergo a chemical change if they’re not correctly stored – be sure to protect your fragrances by keeping them away from sunshine and heat.


Even fragrances by Jo Malone and other top quality brands can be transformed into something unappealing or wear off too quickly if they’re not applied correctly. With the above know-how, you can steer clear of the common mistakes that ruin a fragrance.

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