How to Install Bathroom Floor Tile

Do you need a fresh update for your bathroom and would you like the personal satisfaction of completing a job on your own? With just a few quality materials and some tools you can finish a do-it-yourself project and have a personal space that provides you with an attractive and functional area in which to prepare for each new day. Let’s look at the steps for installing your bathroom floor tiles so that your bath area will look like a modern spa in the privacy of your own home.

Bathroom Floor Tile

  1. Take measurements in your bath area and consult with a professional tile sales specialist about how much you’ll need to do the job.  You’ll want to buy enough tiles to cover the whole project; be sure to add in any half pieces of tile that you’ll need along with scraps and replacement tiles for the future.
  2. Inspect your tiles when you get them to make sure that they all look alike.  Set out a grid and place your tiles down so that you can get an idea of what they’re going to look like.  You can lightly number the tiles in the order that you have them so that when you’re ready to install them on the floor you can maintain the pattern in the right order.
  3. Mix your mortar so that’s it’s as consistent as peanut butter and spread it right onto the floor holding your trowel at about a 45-degree angle.  Don’t mix any more than you can use in an hour so that it won’t begin to harden in the midst of your project.
  4. Begin to set your tiles, applying mortar as you go, give each a twist to that you get a strong bond, and use spacers to keep the tiles apart so you can apply grout later.
  5. If you need to make cuts to larger tiles so that they’ll fit into your smaller spaces, use a wax pencil to make your measurements and then cut them with a wet-cut tile saw.  You can use sandpaper to ease off any sharp edges that can hold the tile further from the next one that you lay.
  6. Let the tiles cure about twenty-four hours and then you will remove the spacers so that you can finish your floor with the appropriate colour of grout that enhances its appearance.

You’ll find it much easier to complete your tile job if you use quality materials that work effectively for laying tile.  From the thin-set mortar that you use to the adhesive that’s recommended and the tiles that you lay you must purchase only the best materials and follow instructions carefully.  Travertine bathroom tiles will give you the professional look that you desire; you’ll have a plethora of colours from which to choose and designs that update the entire look of your bathroom.  Make sure that the tiles you use are rated at 1st Grade and that your supplier is a member of the Tile Association; this assures you of a product that will perform up to your personal expectations.

Doing a project to update your bathroom will take only one short afternoon and can make a dramatic impact on the way that you start every new day in your modern dressing and bathing area.

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