How to buy shoes and accessories to match your designer clothes online

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Accessorising is a big part of creating an outfit and the right pieces of jewellery and other items can change an outfit from bland and ordinary to fabulous and unique. They can also be used to completely change the style of feeling of the outfit and the choice of necklace or the style of shoes you opt for can determine whether your outfit is casual or dressy. Whilst accessorizing is useful, it’s also important to remember that you can go over the top with it so you need to know what works and what doesn’t. Experimentation is the best method as this way you can see for yourself what looks good. You can purchase both accessories and designer clothes online and these top tips should help you to mix and match the different items.

Consider the occasion

The occasion is probably the most important deciding factor when it comes to choosing the appropriate accessories and jewellery to go with your outfit. When it comes to jewellery you have a choice between oversized and colourful items and small and dainty pieces, so make sure you wear each types at the right times. For example a fancy restaurant or important business meeting may not be the place for large wooden bracelets, whereas some small silver earrings would be fine.

Use complimentary colours

Another great tip when it comes to matching accessories with designer clothes online is to use create themes and to use complimentary colours. This will make sure that nothing stand out of place and everything works well with one another.

Use size effectively

The size of your jewellery and accessories is bound to have a great affect on the overall look of your outfit. Therefore use larger pieces to your advantage, such as to inject some colour and to display some of your own personality. Remember that smaller items are just as important as larger pieces and a well-chosen pair of silver earring can provide the ultimate finishing touch to a sensational black dress.

Stick to a theme

Picking a theme and sticking to it is a great way to make an outfit featuring designer clothes really pay off. If you are going classy, stick to classy and don’t ruin it with any cheap wooden or plastic jewellery. If you are going for fun and playful then commit to this theme completely.

Highlight the best bits

Highlight the parts that you want to show off and cover the parts you want to hide. This is the most simple advice, yet also the most affective. A simply necklace will draw the eye to the chest whereas a sparkly belt will draw the eyes away from the chest and to the waistline.

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